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Brewing with a V60


Next up in this series of brew guides is the V60. This is the method we use to brew single cups of filter coffee in the shop, and its a really easy way to brew when mastered. designed by Hario, they're called a V60, because they are a V shape, and the sides are angled at 60 degrees. simple. You can send a lot of money on really nice looking ceramic, copper and steel V60s, but the cheaper plastic ones are arguably better. The plastic allows for better heat retention in the brew, meaning the heat stays in your coffee, and doesn't leach out into the brewer.

There are loads of recipes and methods for making a V60 pourover, but this is the method we use in the shop. it allows breaks in the brewing, so you can see where you're up to. If the coffee is drawing down too fast, slow your next pour down. Too slowly, speed it up. The whole process should take between 3-4 minutes.

A normal kettle works just fine, don't worry about needing a pouring kettle, unless you really want to.


Equipment needed:
Hario V60
V60 filter papers
Digital scales
18g of coffee beans, or medium coarse pre ground coffee


Step 1:
Put the kettle on. You want your water to be slightly off the boil, so get the kettle on first, allow the water to boil and cool slightly.

Step 2:
Grind your coffee medium-coarse. Skip this step if you're using pre ground coffee.

Step 3:
Place the filter paper in the V60, and the place on top of your cup/carafe. pour water from the kettle onto the paper, to wash out any paper taste from the filter, and pre warm you mug.

Step 4:
Discard the water from the mug and place on the scales. Put the ground coffee into the mug, and make a small well in the middle of the grounds with your finger.

Step 5:
Pour 50g of water into the well in the middle of the grounds. give a little stir with a spoon, to make sure all of the coffee is wet. Start the timer, and allow the coffee to 'bloom'. This process allows any CO2 in the coffee to escape, which you may see as bubbles.

Step 6:
After 40 seconds, add 70g of water to the V60, in a slow circular motion, bringing the total on the scales up to 120g.

Step 7:
When the water has almost all drawn down, repeat step 6, but with 90 grams, bringing the total weight to 210g.

Step 8:
Repeat step 7, bringing the total on the scales to 300g, give the coffee a small circular stir (this will help collect any grounds stuck to the side of the brewer), and lift the V60 an inch or so off the mug, and firmly tap it back down (this will help to level your brew bed, so an even extraction).

Step 9:
Allow the coffee to all draw the into the mug. the whole process should have taken 3-4 minutes.

Step 10:
Enjoy your coffee!