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The alternative French Press method

So, you're stuck in quarantine. You've not been out the house for 3 days, other than to buy 7 packs of toilet roll. For your elderly neighbor, obviously. That jar of instant isn't quite cutting it? dig to the back of your cupboard and pull out the french press. Often overlooked as a way to brew coffee, when your local coffee shop is using V60s, syphons, aeropress and clever dripper, the household french press can make a really great cup of coffee, if used a little differently.

Equipment needed:

French Press

Digital kitchen scales


50g coffee beans and grinder, or 50g pre ground coffee


Step 1:
Put the kettle on. You want your water to be slightly off the boil, so get the kettle on first, and allow the water to boil and cool slightly.

Step 2:
Grind your coffee nice and coarse. Skip this step if you're using pre ground coffee.

Step 3:
Add the ground coffee to the French Press. Place on the digital scale and add 800g of water from the kettle. Set a timer for 4 minutes

Step 4:
Stir the crust that has formed at the top with a spoon , so that it all falls to the bottom. scoop out and foam, and remaining floating grounds, set another timer for 4 minutes. The longer you leave the coffee at this stage, the more flavour you'll allow to develop. We've found that 4 minutes is enough though to give you a really great brew.

Step 5:
After you've waited 4 minutes (or longer), pace the plunger on top of the French Press. DO NOT PLUNGE. Rest the plunger on top of the liquid, and slowly pour the coffee into your mug, using the filter just to catch any stray grounds that get disturbed. This is the most important part of the recipe. When you plunge the coffee, you're stirring all the grounds that you've let settle at the bottom, back up into the coffee. resulting in that silty mud that you get at the bottom of the cup.

Step 6:
Enjoy a banging brew.


This recipe has been adapted from James Hoffman's recipe, from 'The world atlas of coffee'.